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 A new year has arrived and  the "Corvettes of Elk  Grove"  are still traveling at full speed! We really appreciate any and  all donations toward helping the children and families of our great community.

Our sincere thanks to those who have supported our non-profit.


MLK Jr. Parade 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. Marade on January 18, 2010.

(A Marade is the combination of a march and a parade.)

We would like to express our appreciation to club members and everyone who participated in the 29th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.  Some riders drove for many miles through the cold stormy weather to attend. We also want to acknowledge those who could not attend because of the weather.

A special thank you comes from the the parade coordinator, Tom Burruss, saying how the "Corvettes leading the Marade" helped  to lift the atmosphere in the dreary wet weather. He said he could see and hear the people's excitement as the cars passed.

Our sincere thanks to: Doc Lawson; Willie Swanson; Harvey Lashon; Tyrone "Grasshopper" Martin; Fred; Rocky; J R Cole; and Martin.