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Welcome to Corvettes of Elk Grove



 A new year has arrived and  the "Corvettes of Elk  Grove"  are still traveling at full speed! We really appreciate any and  all donations toward helping the children and families of our great community.

Our sincere thanks to those who have supported our non-profit.


2013 Events Photos 3

Steve and Mary Stockles donated three bicycles to our nonprofit. The bikes were given to a family with three children who were walking many miles to school daily. Thanks to your donation Steve and Mary, they no longer have to endure the long walk. Corvettes of Elk Grove thank you and the family thanks you for the generous donation.


These youngsters are the happy recipients of the bikes donated by the Stockles.

No more long hikes. Yea!


Our sincere thanks to Michael, Randy, and Lou, Clerks from WalMart in Elk Grove, for taking time out to assist us in gathering products for the 2013 school backpacks. You guys are great!!!